Sunday, November 29, 2009


kate lanphear 1
kate lanphear 2
kate lanphear 3
kate lanphear 4
kate lanphear 5
kate lanphear 6
kate lanphear 7
kate lanphear 8
kate lanphear 9

I die.
xoxo octopusfashion
p.s. its obvious from the last post that i have no idea how to enlarge images for blogger correctly! i know it has something to do editing the html and uploading them to a image hosting site(i'm using flickr)... if anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

rogue lips

georgia frost 1
georgia frost 2
georgia frost 3
georgia frost 4
georgia frost 5
georgia frost 6
georgia frost 7
georgia frost 8georgia frost 9
georgia frost 10
georgia frost 11

Velvet November 2009 Georgia Frost by John Akehurst. I am so in love with her lip color in the first photo, the sheer embellished top in the second, and the skull tee in the last one.

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

xoxo fashion octopus