Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello! I hope you're all having a pleasant day- I am just ready for this week to be over. I have a chem test + business presentation tomorrow, pride and prejudice in-class essay thursday & part of my social justice final, a history test and a math quiz friday. Sounds fun, right?
Well the week following spring break is my jr. ring- for those of you that aren't familiar with it(do they do it in other countries?idk) its when the juniors(11th graders) get their class/school rings since we're almost seniors. Traditions vary from high school to high school, but we have a mass on a friday morning (all of the jr. parents and school come to watch) where we get our rings. We go out for lunch with friends and familt and get the rest of the day off. Then that weekend there is a dance where you bring a date & just have a ton of fun with your class.
I already have my day dress, which I got it from an amazing etsy seller(I'll show you later), but I still need one for the night. I'm planning on getting something from nastygal(or similar...anyone know any sites like it?) but I need help deciding.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This dress is the Twisted Shoulder Dress from Cheap Monday. The back is sort of capish- its simple but really cute.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is a Hellz Miss Freedom Dress. I really like the huge sleeve and the neon zipper detail.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This one is by Sheet Stroke- its probably my favorite one. I am in love with the sheer paneling in the back and on the bottom in the front! Unfortunately, they only have a size small(which the model is wearing that size) so it looks like I probably can't get this one : (
I'm not really sure on shoes or anything yet, but which one do you like better? Be honest... let me know if you don't like either too!
xoxo julianne
all images from nastygal

Monday, March 22, 2010

long days short nights

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was pretty chill(I tried to tell myself I'd stay home and do homework....try and guess how that worked out lol) but I love relaxing weekends like that. I went back for those jeans and dress from my last post, but they were already gone(and it was only 10 am!). But I did walk away with some great belts, each for only 99 cents! I also went to OldNavy because I had a giftcard and I walked away with a navy/white striped dress that was only $12.50. Their stuff is always hit or miss with the fit for me but I really love it! My sister says I look french or like sailor lol. I also got some much needed sb stuff( 2 swimsuits + sandals + cover up) from target and some AMAZING jean shorts from H&M after a tip from the lovely Michalina of Money don't give luck- only shopping. They are boyfriend fit, which is great because I hate tight/short shorts, so they are perfect! Thanks girl! I also got some of the amazing black dot tights and some striped ones I'm rather excited about.
Anyways, this week is going to be SUPER CRAZY because all of my teachers are trying to cram in tests and projects before break. I have so much to do(I really shouldn't be on here- oh well!), so don't expect much posting- maybe some scheduled ones here or there but nothing amazing.

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Karlie. Vogue US April(not sure?) 2010.... Not much color, but I really love some of these pieces. Long flowy skirts, minis, print tees, leather jackets is what i want right now.
Good night! Have a great week!
xoxo Julianne

Friday, March 19, 2010

the pink elephant in the room

Picture 177
I am in love with this elephant! I went on a field trip for international business yesterday, to this place that trades stuff from all over the world. Apparently some woman bought it for $1200 to bug her neighbor. She already has a giraffe. Gotta love st. louis....

Picture 183 Picture 184
Our teacher gave us and hour to get lunch and be back at school. And of course I went to sweetart(seriously, the field trip happened to be less than 1 mile away...weird coincidence). I had the best vegan red velvet cupcake ever. sooo good. This girl there was so well dressed. Striped top + vintage jeans + black flats + amazing pixie cut= so chic.

Picture 187 Picture 188

I went to salvation army for some cut offs. I found some really cute shorts, but they were all a bit too eighties for what I was looking for. I'm definitely going to go back for that dress and the ralph lauren jeans. That dress fit so perfectly and the jeans have zippers(and they're tapered!).

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wednesdays outfit: dress-macys, red flats- payless, ring- flea market, earrings- goodwill

Spring Break is not coming nearly fast enough. I've got so many tests and projects next weeks its crazy. Currently procrastinating by watching the Mighty Ducks! I fall in love with this movie more and more every time I watch it... 90s movies at its best.
xoxo julianne
oh and p.s. I was at marshall's today and they randomly had a pair of creepers. in my size. in st. louis. is that weird or what? They're only $10 so I might go back for them. I'm just afraid they won't get enough wear and they'll just sit in my closet. They're not the most wearable things ever. We'll see.
Quick Question: Where is your favorite pair of jean shorts from? I'm on the hunt for some asap for spring break. Thanks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"It'll be like a giant sleepover!!"

I have a field trip today which I am really looking forward too. It means I get to stay out for lunch. The place we're going happens to be like 5 minutes from sweetart, so I'm forcing my carpool to go there. Its only fair, I mean the driver should get to pick....
Tonight I'm participating in this homeless night at school! Our social justice club is sponsoring(I'm in it). We're suppose to sleep in boxes/ on tarps and can only bring what we can fit in a small trashbag. Canned chilli for dinner and oatmeal for breakfast. I camp all the time during the summer so this won't be that bad(it sure will be cold though!), but I can see this being traumatizing/a major wake up call for some of the girls in my class.
No electronics either! So no outfit post for today, just some pictures from my inspiration folder.

I am so obsessed with turbans right now.
Please take a look at this woman's shoes. I'll be DIYing this soon hopefully.
Those docs are my favorite part. Must expand shoe collection to highlighter colors asap.
I swear, any type of headwrap/hat is really inspiring me right now. It just seems so effortless, classic and beautiful.
Paints are one of my favorite breeds. Brings back memories of horseback riding on the beach....
Ridiculously epic braid. I used to know how to fishtail, but when I cut my hair last april I kind of forgot. Must practice this soon.
diane kruger by karl for vogue germany ]
I swear, any type of short hair/ mohawk/fohawk is killing me right now. I wish I had the courage to just chop it all off!
[park and cube, fashiongonerogue, hanneli's blog, vaness jackmen, randoms]
Have a wonderful day! Its almost the weekend!
xoxo julianne: )

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"That lipstick makes you look even paler. Your going to fry in florida" Thanks dad."

Picture 155

Today I was sitting in math class, thinking about how much I want to fast forward a week to spring break....and then I realized SPRING BREAK IS 9 DAYS AWAY. And I have no swimsuit. No sandals. No beachy-springy dresses. Or skirts. Or shorts. Or good weather things in general. And then I realized that I have spent a ton in the last couple weeks, especially on jewelery, none of it having to do with sb. And then I proceeded to look in my wallet and see a twenty and nine ones. I just need some sandals, shorts, tanks, dresses, new sunglasses, swimsuit etc.

Luckily I took care of that a bit and bought this dress(thank god for giftcards) and this skirt in black and grey(only $5.50 ea holla). So i'm only down 11 dollars. And I went to macy's to try and spend the rest of my giftcard and I found this cute dress on sale from $40 to $12. I swear, the jrs. section at mine is crap, if you just look in the mommy section you can find some decent stuff. So that takes care of new skirts/dresses.

On friday afterschool I think I'm going to try and find some decent jeans at goodwill or salvation army or value village for some cut offs maybe? And maybe some tanks or t-shirts. Then all I have is swimsuit, sunnies and sandals. Hopefully I can convince the rents to purchase the swimsuit, then I can afford these and have money for glasses.

I'm not really broke, I swear, but my parents made the decision to put all of my babysitting money in the bank for the outlet malls in florida. It was actually a genius idea, knowing myself I would have spent it all by now for sure.

whew. that was a lot. sorry for ranting/boring you with my insignificant sb plans. Its just I've never actually gone anywhere(except for visiting family in iowa/mall of america once) so I'm super excited.

Picture 164Picture 166Picture 170

f21 coat, f21 dress, payless shoes, vintage chain necklace & ring, target bag

This dress sat in my closet for two years. I finally pulled it out last week and have been wearing it nonstop. I need more stripes! Oh, and these were taken in macy's dressing room, sorry for the poor quality. The jacket below is levi's, on sale for $24. I was seriously contemplating getting that instead of the dress, because its such a classic piece, I'm still torn. I was going to do some major damage with some bleach and a cheese grater. I hate not having spending money.

Picture 175
xoxo julianne

p.s. Can I just say how freaking excited I am for the turbans at f21?! I have been wanting so badly. Good thing they didn't have them at the one by my house or else I would have been way too tempted...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.

Today was such a gorgeous day. After school I had to go to the history museum for a project for school. It was this exhibit on race that was actually pretty cool. Anyways, forest park was teeming with people because of the weather. No tights again! While I was trying to find a parking spot I saw this girl with the most gorgeous boots--I wish I could have gotten a picture.

Picture 136
Unfortunately since I went alone there was no one to take my picture in the park. So I had to play around with the self timer.

Picture 153
Picture 144
Coat- f21, Dress-target, Shoes-gojane, necklace and cross ring- f21, assorted jewelery-vintage
I got this dress at target on sunday for $15 bucks. I was drawn to the black one originally, but I'm really trying to bring more color into my wardrobe. Went the cash flow is better I think I'll have to pick some more up in some different colors- I reallylike the simple design. These wedges are from gojane, I got them around christmas and I LOVE them. They are so comfortable.

Picture 139 I also stopped at my favorite veg bakery/cafe, sweetart, on the way home. Unfortunately the cafe was closed, so no dinner, but I got a vegan brownie. yumm :)
xoxo julianne
p.s. Does anyone know any good online independant stores, similar to nastygal? I'll probably get a night dress(for the dance part of jr. ring) from there, but I'm looking for a bright or springy dress for the mass. I only have a couple weeks and I want to get an order in soon so I can get it altered if I need too. thanks!

Monday, March 15, 2010

"Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger"

Hello! Today after I got home from school I changed into this. I don't know if you can see, but I've got some really fantastic lip stain on. Its lorac in magic(maybe?). I had a giftcard there and I never spend much on makeup so I decided to invest in some red lipcolor. This is actually a bit of a plum red- i really love it. I also got these jeans with a giftcard to macy's over the weekend and I really like them. They actually said they were jeggings(jean+leggings) on the tag. haha

Picture 114
Picture 115Picture 129

cardigan-f21, jeggings(lol)-macy's, gray shirt- f21, shoes- payless, all jewelery except cross ring-vintage, cross ring-f21

I'm embarassed at how much f21 i own- must expand wardrobe! Also, If you notice the pictures behind me, they're all of bloggers. I had an empty wall in my room & since I have no money for art I thought I'd print pictures of my favorite looks/outfits. I've just found that I'm a lot more inspired by streetstyle, bloggers in particular. Some favs shown are: karla, cocorosa, lucretia, rumi, lulu & camille.

Cross ring up close:

Picture 118

DIY cross earring. I went to the local hippie store(it has tons of beads, stones, swords, dreamcatchers haha) and I couldn't find any big crosses. So I found this charm for $4. It came with a chain necklace which I cut and attach to the charm and a post from an old earring. I'll probably make some more(they had some other charms like different animals or arrowheads) so stay tuned.
Picture 124
xoxo jules

p.s. check out white lightning for the most epic overview of the gaga and beyonce telephone music video. its sick.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You're mad, bonkers ... but I'll tell you a secret: All the best people are.

Luckily i was feeling a bit better by thursday and was able to go back to school. Since then I've gotten a hair cut, which I'll have to show you soon! Bangs and layers. Heres a long overdue outfit post. It was definitely a roll-out-of-bed-im-doing-nothing-today look. Boring but it works. My sister obviously doesn't have an art bone in her body and can barely take a picture(shes quite the athlete though). But shes the only one in the fam that knows about the blog and i love her for trying :)

Picture 041
coat-f21, shirt-oldnavy. bag-f21. scarf- chicago. legging jeans-f21. shoes-salvation army. bracelet, wood ring, stone ring-flea market. cross ring-f21

Saturday I went to a flea market in a town south of my house. It was a dreary rainy & chilly day so there weren't that many people there, but I got some great jewelery. There was a lot of junk there but I can see it being really great during the summer.

Picture 015
Picture 008
And I went to target today and I about DIED. Right now Liberty of London has a line for target, which spans from womens to childrens to men to home, even bikes(which I desperately want. they are so cute)! Walking around the store was torture; I wanted to buy everything. All the cute & colorful flower prints.... I contained myself to just buying this bag for $20(which I planning on using for school). I'm also planning on buying this swimsuit for spring break(two more weeks god dammit).

Picture 055
Picture 056
I finally saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend. I took my little brother & we saw it in 3-D. It was pretty dark and trippy(you have to expect that from a burton film though) but I absolutely loved it.
I'm on choir spring break so hopefully i'll have more time to blog this week. Have a good one!
xoxo julianne

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 100th Post...not

Hey lovelies :) I hope your doing well- I on the other hand am home sick. Yesterday at school I felt pretty bad, but I thought I was just psyching myself out because I was going to give blood for the blood drive. But I went home early and slept for like 20 hours. So I'm legit sick...Yesterday I couldn't even stomach saltines!
Anyways, I wanted to have an amazing 100th post but it doesn't look like thats going to happen. We've been having some absolutely lovely weather(i wore a dress WITHOUT tights monday!) so I'm planning on visiting a local flea market this weekend.
Look forward to post 101 then : )
xoxo julianne

p.s. this is the look i'm really vibing on this look right now. i want summer now....florida in less than 3 weeks : )



Sunday, March 7, 2010

face paint, crosses & crowns

Helloo. Sorry for not posting much the past couple weeks, I've been banking on that camera(which i finally got a memory card tonight...expect outfit posts this week!) coming in. Heres some(scratch that: a ton) of pictures from thecobrasnake. I know I've posted a lot of these lately, but I basically live vicariously through these people.... lol.

bardont 1 bardont 2
this makes me want some face paint NOW.
bardont 3
I am sort of obsessed with this girl. I feel like i've seen her before but I don't remember her name.... anyone know? And I am dying over her earring... I totally love this look!
bardont 4bardont 5 bardont 6
DIY anyone?
bardont 7IMG_6612 Love it.
IMG_5588 I want a crown. To be a princess for a day...
IMG_6827 IMG_7047
Reminds you of cassie from skins season 1 & 2, no?
IMG_1260 IMG_1264
I want a bubble umbrella so badley. They are so fun.
IMG_1267IMG_8614 perfectpugh
I need an army jacket asap.
letsbaron 1
This is probably the closest to the bright hair trend i can see myself doing. I love purple, especially with brunettes.
letsbaron 2
You have no idea of much I want one of these. Its so funny and creepy in an amazing way.
letsbaron 3
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I'm watching the oscars right now. There are so many movies i need to catch up on! They really make me want to do something with film... film editor, costume designer or set designer maybe? It'd be magical! I'm loving sandra bullock, zoe saldana, penelope cruz, cameron diaz, and especially vera farmiga & carey mulligan...god shes gorgeous!
I'm currently in a bidding war for a gorgeous floral vintage dress on ebay. I'll show it to you hopefully after i win it! I'm planning on shortening it a bit for jr ring.
xoxo julianne
p.s. I am really in love with these chain cross earrings. I'll probably order them unless I can try and diy them!

cross earrings