Monday, March 15, 2010

"Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger"

Hello! Today after I got home from school I changed into this. I don't know if you can see, but I've got some really fantastic lip stain on. Its lorac in magic(maybe?). I had a giftcard there and I never spend much on makeup so I decided to invest in some red lipcolor. This is actually a bit of a plum red- i really love it. I also got these jeans with a giftcard to macy's over the weekend and I really like them. They actually said they were jeggings(jean+leggings) on the tag. haha

Picture 114
Picture 115Picture 129

cardigan-f21, jeggings(lol)-macy's, gray shirt- f21, shoes- payless, all jewelery except cross ring-vintage, cross ring-f21

I'm embarassed at how much f21 i own- must expand wardrobe! Also, If you notice the pictures behind me, they're all of bloggers. I had an empty wall in my room & since I have no money for art I thought I'd print pictures of my favorite looks/outfits. I've just found that I'm a lot more inspired by streetstyle, bloggers in particular. Some favs shown are: karla, cocorosa, lucretia, rumi, lulu & camille.

Cross ring up close:

Picture 118

DIY cross earring. I went to the local hippie store(it has tons of beads, stones, swords, dreamcatchers haha) and I couldn't find any big crosses. So I found this charm for $4. It came with a chain necklace which I cut and attach to the charm and a post from an old earring. I'll probably make some more(they had some other charms like different animals or arrowheads) so stay tuned.
Picture 124
xoxo jules

p.s. check out white lightning for the most epic overview of the gaga and beyonce telephone music video. its sick.

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