Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, your majesty, in America, it doesn't always mean to be quiet. Here it could mean "Wow, gee whiz, golly wolly"...

Versus fall 2010. It seems like everything Kane touches turns to gold. I adore the pleated skirts and the velvet minis(kind obsessed with velvet recently...). I really love a pleated miniskirt with a printed tee and boots(with red lipstick of course).... I can definitely see this as my go to look for fall.

Versus fall 2010 rtw 1 Versus fall 2010 rtw 2
Versus fall 2010 rtw 5Versus fall 2010 rtw 6
Versus fall 2010 rtw 8Versus fall 2010 rtw 9
Versus fall 2010 rtw 10Versus fall 2010 rtw 11
Versus fall 2010 rtw 12Versus fall 2010 rtw 15
Versus fall 2010 rtw 18

Kane's 2011 resortwear collection is to die for as well. check it out!

xoxo julianne

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kansai Yamamoto

I've been literally obsessed with japanese fashion recently, trying to research as many designers as possible. Kansai Yamamoto certainly leaves me speechless. He was a major player in the revival of classic japanese fashion and worshipped by david bowie(more info here).

kansai 2

kansai 4

kansai 3

kansai 1

"He has an unusual face, don't you think? He's neither man nor woman. If you see what I mean; which suited me as a designer because most of my clothes are for either sex. I love his music and obviously that has influenced my designs but most of all there's this aura of fantasy that surrounds him. He has flair."

- Kansai Yamamoto (June 1973)

I'm hoping to do some sort of fashion history/new designer piece weekly maybe? I'm hungry for more information....need to go to the library asap.

xoxo julianne

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pussy cat having a nose bleed? Big Red? Shark week? Aunt ruby in town?

Hello! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Saturday I checked out some flea markets and yielded a few new jewels. Yesterday was a pretty lazy sunday, highlighted by some churros and a new pair gloves. I really love churros; the bakery happens to be near some great vintage shops which works out perfectly. I picked up some elbow length lace gloves for $12 bucks that I'm in love with, which will be great for fall and winter.
Today's post is centered around the website YesStyle. YesStyle is a hong kong based website, I believe, which carries different designers from all around asia. Since they're asian brands they seem to carry a lot of offbeat things that aren't so mainstream in the US. My favorite section to look through is definitley the shoe section. Hands down, the hardest thing about being vegan is finding well designed, quality shoes. I would love some Jeffrey Campbells every season but since I don't wear leather thats not really an option. YesStyle's got a stellar selection of gorgeous shoes that don't use leather that I'm super excited about. I ordered a few things a couple weeks ago which should be here soon, so I can't vouch for quality just yet, but the designs definitley win me over. Here are some that I'm lusting over for this season!
1. I'm really digging chunky heels and statement shoes for fall, and in red these would add a perfect punch of color to my usual monochrome outfits. I can imagine wearing them with a killer LBD for a great night look. I also really like them in black. Taghrid is wearing them here.
Lily Strap Shoe by ZAHIR, $85
zahir strappy sandals 2
zahir strappy sandals 1
zahir strappy sandals 3
2. I admit, as much as I love skyscraper heels I usually end up wearing wedges for the sake of comfort. Luckily wedges are a huge trend this season, so the options are nearly endless. I really like these because they're not too high, but will add a few inches, perfect for day wear. I'm suprised at how much I like the cream ones... I tend to be leaning toward white hues much more this season.
Kvoll Ankle Wedge, $38.
kvoll studded wrap ankle denim wedges 1
kvoll studded wrap ankle denim wedges 2
3. I have been wanting a pair of Ann D's for a while now, after seeing them on Jane and Karla's blogs. But unfortunately with their $1k price tags, I don't see them anywhere in my near future. So I've been shopping around for some look alikes and I love these. I don't know what color I'd go for, I like both the black and white( another brand, Sunbijou, also has coco and beige options for near the same price).
Lace Up Boots by Miss Hong, $78.
miss hong lace up boots 1
miss hong lace up boots 2
4. For some reason these caught my eye, most likely because of the powder blue color and the chunkiness of the heel. These are very similar to the Zahirs, except for the excessive bows, which I would probably trim off a bit.... its a little tooo much for me. But I really really like these, especially in the white.
miz shoes beribboned accent platform sandals 1
miz shoes beribboned accent platform sandals 2
5. These loafers are probably my favorite, by far. I'm really into menswear inspired pieces right now and I love the old school vibe these posess. The little details at the toe and the bubble gum hue kill me. I would wear these everyday.
Orientation tomorrow.... I can't believe senior year is coming already. Off to watch WEEDS... about 9 episodes of season 5 to go, then I'm all caught up for season 6 premiere tonight!
xoxo julianne

p.s. I'm dying over these celine wedges. mint green is my obsession, for sure.

taghrid bead wedges a la celine


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wash your hands! All I need now is for the kids to eat heroin eggs for breakfast....Right, cause then they'd want them everyday.

Wow, I haven't blogged in over two months! But I have good reasons...I didn't really have internet access at camp and on weekends off I was just plain exhausted. And I really think that cleansing myself from the blogging/fashion world was just what I needed. At camp I was crazy busy( working from about 6am -11pm and sleeping in a tent) but I had time to relax and just enjoy nature. Simplicity at its best.
In June I went to Europe for 12 days and it was an amazing experience. I went to germany, austria, italy, switzerland and france. I was really suprised by how much I really liked germany, probably almost as much as paris. I'm planning to upload some of my pictures eventually.
I've been back from camp for about two weeks now, mostly doing a lot of thrifting. This week I hit the jewelery jackpot at this thrift store by my house thats run by little old church women. And cross country started monday. School starts wednesday, along with my pycho extracurricular schedule. fuck fuck fuck.
On a good note though, I found out that our on demand has seasons 1-5 of weeds. Been watching that non stop... still have have to finish seasons 4 & 5 before new season on monday.
it's seriously the funniest show ever(rivals freaks and geeks). Also loving Rachel Zoe, per usual. I want a gay bff who wears bow ties a la brad. And who else has been watching jersey shore? Gotta love that shit too.

Sorry for the super boring post, I just thought that I owed some sort of explanation for my MIAness the past two months. And sorry for the small pictures, I come back and flickr has changed its layout and is being a bitch. But expect some consistent posting from now on.
xoxo julianne