Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is beyond anything I have imagined.

chloe stpring 2010


Fav look from Chloe. Can't wait for spring. Will patchwork denim be big? At least in my book...

xoxo fashionoctopus

the purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most

gloria baume
gloria baume 2
gloria baume 3
[trendycrew, notoriousfashion]
I love her bold & unabashed use of color. And her use of prints.... the plaid button down in every photo with those other prints would seem to clash but she rocks it so well.
Gloria Baume

turbans turbans turbans

Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 2
Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 3
Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 4
Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 5
Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 6
Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 7
Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 8
Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 9
Morning Beauty Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly 10
Morning Beauty
Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly
Katie is so stunning. Reminds me of how much i've been wanting a turban and some long skirts.
xoxo fashionoctopus

mulberry preview

I'm on the road from iowa(probably watching one tree hill reruns and fighting with my sister) so I scheduled some editorials i'm really loving right now. enjoy : )



Spring 2010 Sasha Pivovarova & Viktoriya Sasonkina

Those bags + shoes + hair + carousel = i looooove this.

xoxo fashionoctopus

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He looks far too happy over there.

Sharon Wauchob 1 Sharon Wauchob 2

Sharon Wauchob 3 Sharon Wauchob 4

Sharon Wauchob 5 Sharon Wauchob 6

Sharon Wauchob 7
Sharon Wauchob
Spring 2010 RTW
I don't know how this collection went under my radar. I am loving the lace(handmade in ireland) and the cutouts. For me, Ranya Mordanova made this


Vika Gazinskaya
Vika Gazinskaya 2
[elle, google images]
I know these are old, but I think she really captures the effortless chic that winter style should be. I think I scream a little inside everytime I see her hair too! And her lookbook is so lovely too!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

gryphon spring 2010

This is my dream collection. It has print coats, studded leather jackets, sheer tops & dresses, and sequin rompers(!) to top it off. I knew I would love this brand after I saw Lauren McGrath(of teenvogue and goodbonesgreatpieces) spotted in two different gryphon coats by the Sartorialist.

rêves d'enfance

milk 1
milk 2
milk 3
milk 4
milk 5
milk 6
Milk Magazine march 2008. I imagine my children looking like all of these chic little parisian kids someday. Really, if you look at their website they even have a street style portion. Its beyond me...
xoxo fashionoctopus

Monday, December 28, 2009

pink organza lanvin

vogue us january sasha


"Already Famous" Sasha by Meisel

This editorial focused each photo on a different house and the new designers that have brought them back to their glory days. Sasha posed with "already famous" musical talent such as Mika, MGMT and Vampire Weekend. I particularly liked this beautiful pink organza Lanvin dress. Too bad its over $4500. But a girl can dream, right?


p.s. this article by arabelle is amazing

christmas outfit

christmas eve

blue pencil skirt- forever, black tank- old navy, black sequin cardigan- old navy
I couldn't get a good picture but this will have to do. I wore this with my f21 black boots. We got a little snow which was exciting. It was one of my favorite christmases to date!
p.s. Has anyone else checked out the teen vogue handbook? I got it for christmas and I cannot put it down! I'm not even halfway through it, but it has already helped me narrow my career choices. I had originally thought of possibly being a designer but now I'm leaning more toward something for a magazine. Bookings editor or maybe something in accessories or marketing? It just gets me really excited : )

Sunday, December 27, 2009

green envy



silver jewelry + rubies + green nail polish = what i really want now.

the combo seems so elegant, no?

xoxo fashion octopus


hair! 3
hair! 4
hair! 6
hair! 7
I have been reading Karla's Closet for over a year(and a half?) now and I would have to say that it is definitely my favorite blog. Karla's style is ridiculously unique and her eye for vintage always yields stellar finds. Forget models or celebrities; Karla is definitely my top style icon. While her clothes are awsome, I think its her hair that makes her stand out. It is so edgy and she always seems to pair it with girly dresses or femine skirts.
Now if I could just find the courage to cut mine. I would love to take the plunge and get a pixie cut but I'm just afraid it would not look good on me. I'm also in between hairstylists so putting my hair in the hands of a complete stranger could possibly be a terrible idea. I should have done it when I did locks of love last april! My hair was pretty short then, but it's grown probably 6-8 inches since. Maybe this spring....