Saturday, December 26, 2009

listen, do you guys mind if i have this fruit roll up?

New purchases!
octo 017
navy little boys blazer $3.99: salvation army

octo 016
I can't believe I spent $10 on a magazine, but it was sooo worth it. I'm trying to get ahead on my shopping for my trip to europe(!) this summer. That is if I can get a job...

octo 025
forever 21 $8.50

octo 018
salvation army- 99 cents
These were SUCH a great buy! I'm always looking for somewhat fashionable things to dress up my school uniform(gotta love all-girls catholic education, right?) and these are perfect. They are suprisingly comfortable too.

octo 020
From left: black lace-up wedges- go jane, taupe/beige buckle heels- forever 21, black zipper ankle boots, forever 21.
I was a little apprehensive buying the wedges but they are easily the most comfortable dress shoe in my collection. I can definitely see myself wearing these on my europe trip. The buckle heels are REALLY HIGH. I haven't worn them anywhere but I've tried them around my house and I'm really having trouble walking in them. I think they are SO GORG though.I wore these boots for christmas eve, to church and a family party and I got a lot of compiments on them. I really like them A LOT
I tried workig on a christmas haul video today, but I kept getting interuppted my my sister and having camera issues. Soon though. I'm heading to iowa tomorrow, but i'll still be posting. I don't know HOW i'm going to survive the weather though... its suppose to be like 15 degrees with tonnnns of snow. I need some winter boots ASAP. Hope you had a great christmas!
xoxo fashion octopus


  1. Well, sometimes it's okay to give 10$ on a magazine. Loving the boots btw!

    With love,

  2. Thank you! I'm glad thatI did buy WWD, its lovely!