Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wash your hands! All I need now is for the kids to eat heroin eggs for breakfast....Right, cause then they'd want them everyday.

Wow, I haven't blogged in over two months! But I have good reasons...I didn't really have internet access at camp and on weekends off I was just plain exhausted. And I really think that cleansing myself from the blogging/fashion world was just what I needed. At camp I was crazy busy( working from about 6am -11pm and sleeping in a tent) but I had time to relax and just enjoy nature. Simplicity at its best.
In June I went to Europe for 12 days and it was an amazing experience. I went to germany, austria, italy, switzerland and france. I was really suprised by how much I really liked germany, probably almost as much as paris. I'm planning to upload some of my pictures eventually.
I've been back from camp for about two weeks now, mostly doing a lot of thrifting. This week I hit the jewelery jackpot at this thrift store by my house thats run by little old church women. And cross country started monday. School starts wednesday, along with my pycho extracurricular schedule. fuck fuck fuck.
On a good note though, I found out that our on demand has seasons 1-5 of weeds. Been watching that non stop... still have have to finish seasons 4 & 5 before new season on monday.
it's seriously the funniest show ever(rivals freaks and geeks). Also loving Rachel Zoe, per usual. I want a gay bff who wears bow ties a la brad. And who else has been watching jersey shore? Gotta love that shit too.

Sorry for the super boring post, I just thought that I owed some sort of explanation for my MIAness the past two months. And sorry for the small pictures, I come back and flickr has changed its layout and is being a bitch. But expect some consistent posting from now on.
xoxo julianne


  1. Excellent, I love especially the third,
    really inspiring.