Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.

Today was such a gorgeous day. After school I had to go to the history museum for a project for school. It was this exhibit on race that was actually pretty cool. Anyways, forest park was teeming with people because of the weather. No tights again! While I was trying to find a parking spot I saw this girl with the most gorgeous boots--I wish I could have gotten a picture.

Picture 136
Unfortunately since I went alone there was no one to take my picture in the park. So I had to play around with the self timer.

Picture 153
Picture 144
Coat- f21, Dress-target, Shoes-gojane, necklace and cross ring- f21, assorted jewelery-vintage
I got this dress at target on sunday for $15 bucks. I was drawn to the black one originally, but I'm really trying to bring more color into my wardrobe. Went the cash flow is better I think I'll have to pick some more up in some different colors- I reallylike the simple design. These wedges are from gojane, I got them around christmas and I LOVE them. They are so comfortable.

Picture 139 I also stopped at my favorite veg bakery/cafe, sweetart, on the way home. Unfortunately the cafe was closed, so no dinner, but I got a vegan brownie. yumm :)
xoxo julianne
p.s. Does anyone know any good online independant stores, similar to nastygal? I'll probably get a night dress(for the dance part of jr. ring) from there, but I'm looking for a bright or springy dress for the mass. I only have a couple weeks and I want to get an order in soon so I can get it altered if I need too. thanks!


  1. LOVE those shoes! So cute!

    xx Rach

  2. I like this mint colour of dress and of course great shoes!!!

  3. Great blog!

    I'm inspired.

    We like a lot of the same things.

    Cute blog title too.