Thursday, March 4, 2010

taylor tomasi hill

It's no secret that Taylor Tomasi's personal style is extremely popular with most fashion bloggers. It seems like she shows up in inspiration and street style posts all the time. And now she's opened up her west village apartment to the lovelies at Refinery 29. Enjoy.

taylor 1
Describe your style:
"I'm kind of a clothing chameleon. My style is something that's always evolving."

taylor 2
What are your five key wardrobe pieces, things you wear constantly?
1. "Burberry trench coats, a great classic staple for fall or spring."
2. "Madewell destroyed boyfriend jeans, I dress them up with my YSL heels for the office, or down with sneakers for traveling."
3. "Punkrose leopard print sneakers, my go-to for days when my feet can't take anything over .5 inches."
4. "Chanel bag, I just got a large 2.55 after years of lusting after it. This one is the perfect carryall. My other tiny Chanel bags were always exploding with all the stuff I would try to pack in them."
5. "My Rick Owens leather jacket, I can mix it with anything for an edgier effect. They are so expensive, but I stay on their radar and email list to make sure I'm always there for the sales."

taylor 3
taylor 4
Your hair is such a signature so we have to ask, where do you get it done?
"My salon is my best kept secret!! I have to protect it. It's uptown on the east side, so I never see any other editors there, but they are the best at getting my color just right. It's so hard to maintain red hair, so I can't trust just anyone."

taylor 5
What song best describes your personal style?
"'You Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC."
In other news, my canon rebel arrived yesterday! It was such so stressful day, but finding that on my kitchen table(two days early!) made me so happy. I can't take any pics until I get a memory card though, which I'm hoping to aquire today or tomorrow!
xoxo julianne
p.s. The new issue of N.E.E.T Magazine is up. If you haven't already checked it out you definitely should.
p.p.s. thank you thank you thank you sooooo much for all of the lovely comments recently! It makes my day.
Have a great one : )


  1. that bright red really suits her, besides that color i find the most difficult to manage!

  2. She looks amazing!

    Lovely blog!

  3. I've never heard about her, but her outfits look great.

  4. Awesome post. Enjoyed reading it! She has awesome style.

  5. I actually don't know much about her, but now I do!
    In love with her hair!!!

    TEE&FAME x

  6. She is really adorable. And great to get an insight in her life

  7. The first photo of her in those cat eyed sunglasses is amazing.

  8. thanks for the comments all! i really appreciate it!

    julianne :)