Sunday, February 28, 2010

“The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything: the young know everything.”

Hello! First of all- thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I had such a fantastic weekend, I'm so sad to go to school tomorrow.
Friday I got up and went thrifting. For some reason I never have much luck finding any good vintage. And I usually go a couple times a week too.Then I went to target and got some new brown wedges that are soooooo comfortable. Possibly my new favorite shoes. I tried on some amazing Ann Demeulemeester knocks from f21. Soooo gorg. Going to buy them this week hopefully. Then I went out to lunch at Sweet Art in shaw park. Its this amazing vegetarian/vegan cafe/bakery that doubles as an art gallery. It was SO GOOD. There are a lot of really sketch veg places in st.louis, but sweet art was really inviting and quite popular. I had this vegan banana bread cupcake w/ pb icing and chocolate center that was divine! yumm. After that I went home and walked my dog because the weather was beautiful. I ended the night by going out to dinner at this peruvian restaurant downtown for a friends birthday.

Saturday I got up and made myself some vegan donuts. I picked up some stuff at f21 and totally scored some great pieces off the sale rack. Went to SweetArt again. Had an amazing vegan red velvet cupcake and brookie. This could become a problem. Sang a wedding(my choir does it to keep tuition down). The bride looked so pretty and started crying when she said her vows. Then some friends took me out to a great tapas restaurant named Modesto that was so good. It was the first time we'd been to one and I loved it. Then we went to the central west end for ice cream & coffee.
It was literally the best birthday ever.
Sorry for the intense details, but it was a great weekend.

Anyways, this is looking to be a super stressful week. I have a bunch of tests(ahh chem), a french project due and I'm trying out for the musical. Wish me luck...I've never done one before!

Alexandre Herchcovitch

I'm obsessed with those buckle shoes and the beige ones.

Fucking amazing. I would have never thought that highlighter yellow would ever look good as a hair color. Normally I might have thought highlights gone bad but this is fantastic.
I really like the man on the right. I wish more men wore bow ties. And suits. And eskimo hats.
Edit: noo the amazing man on the right got cut out. Heres the original.
cobra snake

xoxo Julianne

p.s. whatda think of these? They're from gojane, only $17 bucks, I'm thinking they might look good with dresses or skirts and high socks. Thoughts?

buckled strap bootie


  1. you have amazing shots alll over your blog! love love love.

    following you now cause your blog is amazing.
    alexandre herchcovitch is also amazing!

  2. Wow! The colours, the textures ... very inspiring.

  3. oh i was at that show!! bloody incredible!!

  4. wow those pics are fantastic xoxoox

  5. i am loving the orange liner on the undereye

  6. sounds like an awesome weekend! Those boots are fab, at that price you can't go wrong!

    My Delusional Mind

  7. happy belated birthday!!! these shots are so amazing!

    xo, C

  8. amazing amazing photos! and definitely go for those booties.


  9. those shoes are amazing!!! lusting over them!!

  10. Gorgeous, love all the details that are used!
    x fashionnerdic

  11. mm I love me some shoes with buckles! all these photos are great! :)

  12. thank you all for the lovely comments!