Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pringle of scotland

Good morning lovelies. So hopefully sometime today i'll post my outfit from yesterday, but i'm just having some trouble uploading from my sisiter's camera. I'm in chemistry right now, I should probably pay attention considering its my worst class... Oh well....

pringle of scotland 1pringle of scotland 2

pringle of scotland 3pringle of scotland 4

pringle of scotland 5 pringle of scotland 6

pringle of scotland 7
Pringle of Scotland showed a really great collection in my opinion. Nothing really mind blowing, but some great basics and stunning dresses. I am really loving the chunky knits and felt-ish vest-coast thing.
xoxo fashionoctopus


  1. I could seriously use something like those two grey jackets right now; they look super comfortable and warm! This was indeed a very solid collection, and I love that last dress you posted.

  2. just found your blog.

    those pants are to die for...