Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jeepers Creepers

Hello! For some reason yesterday, I randomly remembered those gothic platform "creepers" that have been circulating on the blogosphere a while now. I was curious, so I googled them. According to wikipedia, they are called Brothel Creepers, and originated in WWII, when soldiers stationed in african deserts wore suede boots with hard crepe soles. They were invented in 1949 and remained popular through the 50s and 60s.
"The brothel creeper regained popularity in the early 70s when Malcolm McLarensold them from his Let it Rock shop in London"s King's Road. Teddy Boys were the obvious customer, but the brothel creeper still proved to be popular among regular customers when McLaren and his partner Vivienne Westwood changed the shop to more rocker-oriented fashion."
The shoe has since been adopted by subcultures such as ska, punk new wavers, greasers and goth." (wikipedia)
They've become pretty popular in the fashion world(as evident on TUK'S blog). Refinery 29 even did a post on the ways designers are translating the trend.

creepers 1 creepers 2

Michelle found these for only 10 pounds at a charity shop. She wears them here.
And here are some from Rivithead online:

creepers 6

creepers 7

creepers 8

I looked at quite a few different sites and the prices seemed to be from around $50-$80. Some sites even have some vegan ones.

Rumi's demonia boots worn here.

creepers 5

Rivit head look a likes:
creepers 9

And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these Sonia Rykiel creepers(right, phi on the left). They're only about $1,346. Birthday present?

creepers 10

refinery 29

These are not exactly pretty shoes, but I think thats what I like about them. So ugly they're amazing? A lot of people hate them, but I can see myself buying a pair if I could find them a bit cheaper. I can only imagine what kind of looks i'd get!

So what do you think? hot or not?

Off tomorrow....hopefully i'll have some good finds to show you!

xoxo julianne


  1. HOT! I love creepers to no end! My mom thinks they are the ugliest things in the world though sooo basically shes crazy

  2. I'm kind of indifferent about creepers, to be honest. While they look good on certain people (like Susie and Michelle above), I think they just wouldn't work with my closet.

  3. Abby- I'm glad you like them! I feel like most people(esp. around stl) probably feel like your mom!

    L- yeah I totally get what you mean. They work on some people but not on others.

    Laura- aren't they great?

  4. Creepers look so insane! In a good way of course! I think they work with only certain outfits though...there are actually kids at my school who wear them but to be brutally honest, they're really weird.

    Btw, I love your blog!! :)

  5. I don't think I could pull them off but I love them on other people.

  6. I won't wear them, but on other people with good clothes they look great.

  7. Most definitely hot! Love the photos.

    PS - Don't forget to sign up for the monthly UGG boots giveaway! :)

  8. I love the more refined versions by Sonia Rykiel and Phi.

  9. I love Style Bubble! One of my favourite fashion bloggers. :)

  10. New post on the blog of the two young french girl Olivia & Mariam.

    Photos in Bordeaux, come and see it!
    Kisses from France