Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"That lipstick makes you look even paler. Your going to fry in florida" Thanks dad."

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Today I was sitting in math class, thinking about how much I want to fast forward a week to spring break....and then I realized SPRING BREAK IS 9 DAYS AWAY. And I have no swimsuit. No sandals. No beachy-springy dresses. Or skirts. Or shorts. Or good weather things in general. And then I realized that I have spent a ton in the last couple weeks, especially on jewelery, none of it having to do with sb. And then I proceeded to look in my wallet and see a twenty and nine ones. I just need some sandals, shorts, tanks, dresses, new sunglasses, swimsuit etc.

Luckily I took care of that a bit and bought this dress(thank god for giftcards) and this skirt in black and grey(only $5.50 ea holla). So i'm only down 11 dollars. And I went to macy's to try and spend the rest of my giftcard and I found this cute dress on sale from $40 to $12. I swear, the jrs. section at mine is crap, if you just look in the mommy section you can find some decent stuff. So that takes care of new skirts/dresses.

On friday afterschool I think I'm going to try and find some decent jeans at goodwill or salvation army or value village for some cut offs maybe? And maybe some tanks or t-shirts. Then all I have is swimsuit, sunnies and sandals. Hopefully I can convince the rents to purchase the swimsuit, then I can afford these and have money for glasses.

I'm not really broke, I swear, but my parents made the decision to put all of my babysitting money in the bank for the outlet malls in florida. It was actually a genius idea, knowing myself I would have spent it all by now for sure.

whew. that was a lot. sorry for ranting/boring you with my insignificant sb plans. Its just I've never actually gone anywhere(except for visiting family in iowa/mall of america once) so I'm super excited.

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f21 coat, f21 dress, payless shoes, vintage chain necklace & ring, target bag

This dress sat in my closet for two years. I finally pulled it out last week and have been wearing it nonstop. I need more stripes! Oh, and these were taken in macy's dressing room, sorry for the poor quality. The jacket below is levi's, on sale for $24. I was seriously contemplating getting that instead of the dress, because its such a classic piece, I'm still torn. I was going to do some major damage with some bleach and a cheese grater. I hate not having spending money.

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xoxo julianne

p.s. Can I just say how freaking excited I am for the turbans at f21?! I have been wanting so badly. Good thing they didn't have them at the one by my house or else I would have been way too tempted...

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