Sunday, March 14, 2010

You're mad, bonkers ... but I'll tell you a secret: All the best people are.

Luckily i was feeling a bit better by thursday and was able to go back to school. Since then I've gotten a hair cut, which I'll have to show you soon! Bangs and layers. Heres a long overdue outfit post. It was definitely a roll-out-of-bed-im-doing-nothing-today look. Boring but it works. My sister obviously doesn't have an art bone in her body and can barely take a picture(shes quite the athlete though). But shes the only one in the fam that knows about the blog and i love her for trying :)

Picture 041
coat-f21, shirt-oldnavy. bag-f21. scarf- chicago. legging jeans-f21. shoes-salvation army. bracelet, wood ring, stone ring-flea market. cross ring-f21

Saturday I went to a flea market in a town south of my house. It was a dreary rainy & chilly day so there weren't that many people there, but I got some great jewelery. There was a lot of junk there but I can see it being really great during the summer.

Picture 015
Picture 008
And I went to target today and I about DIED. Right now Liberty of London has a line for target, which spans from womens to childrens to men to home, even bikes(which I desperately want. they are so cute)! Walking around the store was torture; I wanted to buy everything. All the cute & colorful flower prints.... I contained myself to just buying this bag for $20(which I planning on using for school). I'm also planning on buying this swimsuit for spring break(two more weeks god dammit).

Picture 055
Picture 056
I finally saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend. I took my little brother & we saw it in 3-D. It was pretty dark and trippy(you have to expect that from a burton film though) but I absolutely loved it.
I'm on choir spring break so hopefully i'll have more time to blog this week. Have a good one!
xoxo julianne

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  1. Oh my gosh! Isn't the best jewelery at flea markets? Seriously. Also, I SPY CUTE TEAL EARRINGS! You lucky gal. :)