Sunday, March 7, 2010

face paint, crosses & crowns

Helloo. Sorry for not posting much the past couple weeks, I've been banking on that camera(which i finally got a memory card tonight...expect outfit posts this week!) coming in. Heres some(scratch that: a ton) of pictures from thecobrasnake. I know I've posted a lot of these lately, but I basically live vicariously through these people.... lol.

bardont 1 bardont 2
this makes me want some face paint NOW.
bardont 3
I am sort of obsessed with this girl. I feel like i've seen her before but I don't remember her name.... anyone know? And I am dying over her earring... I totally love this look!
bardont 4bardont 5 bardont 6
DIY anyone?
bardont 7IMG_6612 Love it.
IMG_5588 I want a crown. To be a princess for a day...
IMG_6827 IMG_7047
Reminds you of cassie from skins season 1 & 2, no?
IMG_1260 IMG_1264
I want a bubble umbrella so badley. They are so fun.
IMG_1267IMG_8614 perfectpugh
I need an army jacket asap.
letsbaron 1
This is probably the closest to the bright hair trend i can see myself doing. I love purple, especially with brunettes.
letsbaron 2
You have no idea of much I want one of these. Its so funny and creepy in an amazing way.
letsbaron 3
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I'm watching the oscars right now. There are so many movies i need to catch up on! They really make me want to do something with film... film editor, costume designer or set designer maybe? It'd be magical! I'm loving sandra bullock, zoe saldana, penelope cruz, cameron diaz, and especially vera farmiga & carey mulligan...god shes gorgeous!
I'm currently in a bidding war for a gorgeous floral vintage dress on ebay. I'll show it to you hopefully after i win it! I'm planning on shortening it a bit for jr ring.
xoxo julianne
p.s. I am really in love with these chain cross earrings. I'll probably order them unless I can try and diy them!

cross earrings


  1. Such glam meets street-esque styling! I love the my little pony girl in the middle with the crimped hair, and I'm especially liking that pale pink collar-necklace the girl in the 7th picture down is wearing!

  2. I love those cross earrings in the top photos!

  3. I adore the cobrasnake's pictures, there's always amazing people in them!



  4. I'd never seen an umbrella like that before. I want one now!

  5. He always takes such gorgeous photos and yes I want a bubble umbrella too! Ahhhhh

    Ohhh,yup the rosary necklace I have is the same that Rumi from Fashiontoast and Lulu from Luluandyourmom has. I got it from another fellow blogger who did a favor and I got her to buy them for me:)

  6. cobra snake is strangely addicting i can relate! and that girl's grey hair + pale skin + dark lipstick is such a great statement. and the candle... so creepy... I WANT!! haha


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