Thursday, March 18, 2010

"It'll be like a giant sleepover!!"

I have a field trip today which I am really looking forward too. It means I get to stay out for lunch. The place we're going happens to be like 5 minutes from sweetart, so I'm forcing my carpool to go there. Its only fair, I mean the driver should get to pick....
Tonight I'm participating in this homeless night at school! Our social justice club is sponsoring(I'm in it). We're suppose to sleep in boxes/ on tarps and can only bring what we can fit in a small trashbag. Canned chilli for dinner and oatmeal for breakfast. I camp all the time during the summer so this won't be that bad(it sure will be cold though!), but I can see this being traumatizing/a major wake up call for some of the girls in my class.
No electronics either! So no outfit post for today, just some pictures from my inspiration folder.

I am so obsessed with turbans right now.
Please take a look at this woman's shoes. I'll be DIYing this soon hopefully.
Those docs are my favorite part. Must expand shoe collection to highlighter colors asap.
I swear, any type of headwrap/hat is really inspiring me right now. It just seems so effortless, classic and beautiful.
Paints are one of my favorite breeds. Brings back memories of horseback riding on the beach....
Ridiculously epic braid. I used to know how to fishtail, but when I cut my hair last april I kind of forgot. Must practice this soon.
diane kruger by karl for vogue germany ]
I swear, any type of short hair/ mohawk/fohawk is killing me right now. I wish I had the courage to just chop it all off!
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Have a wonderful day! Its almost the weekend!
xoxo julianne: )

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  1. That fishtail braid is gorgeous. I've been meaning to try that style for a while.