Friday, March 19, 2010

the pink elephant in the room

Picture 177
I am in love with this elephant! I went on a field trip for international business yesterday, to this place that trades stuff from all over the world. Apparently some woman bought it for $1200 to bug her neighbor. She already has a giraffe. Gotta love st. louis....

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Our teacher gave us and hour to get lunch and be back at school. And of course I went to sweetart(seriously, the field trip happened to be less than 1 mile away...weird coincidence). I had the best vegan red velvet cupcake ever. sooo good. This girl there was so well dressed. Striped top + vintage jeans + black flats + amazing pixie cut= so chic.

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I went to salvation army for some cut offs. I found some really cute shorts, but they were all a bit too eighties for what I was looking for. I'm definitely going to go back for that dress and the ralph lauren jeans. That dress fit so perfectly and the jeans have zippers(and they're tapered!).

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wednesdays outfit: dress-macys, red flats- payless, ring- flea market, earrings- goodwill

Spring Break is not coming nearly fast enough. I've got so many tests and projects next weeks its crazy. Currently procrastinating by watching the Mighty Ducks! I fall in love with this movie more and more every time I watch it... 90s movies at its best.
xoxo julianne
oh and p.s. I was at marshall's today and they randomly had a pair of creepers. in my size. in st. louis. is that weird or what? They're only $10 so I might go back for them. I'm just afraid they won't get enough wear and they'll just sit in my closet. They're not the most wearable things ever. We'll see.
Quick Question: Where is your favorite pair of jean shorts from? I'm on the hunt for some asap for spring break. Thanks!


  1. This elephant is awesome!
    Nice shorts here:
    And on H&M site.

  2. Thanks so much for the tips! I took your advice and went to H&M and found a lovely pair...all thanks to you! Thanks again!

  3. my best denims are thrifted - I've found guess jeans there and insight ones too!
    gorgeous dress your wearing ;)


  4. BUY the creepers.. and them give them to me! jk! (not really)