Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cause everybody's sombody, nobody's nobody

denise 1

If you unfortunately don't know her already, this is Denise Lai of SUPERWOWOMG! I am absolutely obsessed with her blog and her life. She is a graphic designer who hails from Hong Kong, but went to school in NYC.

I love her because.......
denise 10
denise 13

denise 3
She rocks oversized frames.
denise 14
Her and her boyfriend are insanely cute.
denise 4
denise 15
She has the best jewelery/DIYS.
denise 11
denise 12
She posts so much delicious looking food.
denise 6
She has THAT awang bag.
denise 8
She sometimes posts cute pictures of asian babies.
denise 2
denise 5
She posts interesting pictures of everyday hong kong people that I adore.
denise 7

plus 92889127389 more reasons. You should definitely check her out!

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