Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beckerman Bite Plate

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So I'm taking another break from exam studying.... its seriously the only thing that keeps me semi sane. Anyways, somehow while I was browsing blogs yesterday I stumbled upon Beckerman Bite Plate, which is run by the Beckerman sisters Callianne, Samantha and Chloe.
Originally from Toronto, they went to school at FIT, where their entire senior thesis collection was picked up by a department store in Tokyo and was featured in Nyon. The trio started designing the line Beckermans, and their clothes have been featured in an impressive amount of magazines including: British Vogue, Elle, Vogue Nippon, US Vogue, WWD, Paper, Marie Claire, New York Times, Vogue Canada, Newsweek, Nylon and more. It does't look like they do clothes anymore, but they still do jewelery.
Basically I having been stalking their entire archive and I love all of their outfits. They wear bright, statement pieces mixed with vintage finds that makes for a sick look. Calliane has an awesome green army trench from a surplus store that I am in love with; definitley hitting up an army surplus store friday! And I never knew how much I wanted a bright yellow poncho or cloud trench...
xoxo Julianne

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