Friday, May 28, 2010

the cedar trees are calling

Exams are finally over, its summer! I am so happy, especially because summer = CAMP. I work at a girl scout camp and I have a new position teaching horseback riding lessons and such which I am unbelievably excited about. I'll be gone for 9 weeks; I'm not really sure how my very limited internet access + blogging is going to work, so we'll just have to make it up as we go along! Also, next thursday I'm leaving for my EUROPE TRIP! I'll be in Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy till the 16, so I wouldn't expect any blogging during that time.... but I'll be sure to take tons of pictures to share later!

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I'm not really sure where all of these are from, but some jak&jil, whitelightening, googleimages, sartorialist, fashion monster etc.
And btw I've crowned Iris Apfel as my ultimate style icon. I can't even handle the cuffs she is wearing the whole video.... I would die to get a peek inside her closet!
Happy Summer!

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