Saturday, November 6, 2010

the hanukah bush

Good morning loves! I stumbled upon this jewel on raych's blog and it was way too good to pass up. Fashion bloggers + christmas(errr holidays) is a fantastic idea. It kind of got me excited for the holidays for a second, though I usually can't get in the spirit till the christmas stations start up again. It think it was all the gaudy jewels and fabrics that I adore...

have a happy day!

xoxo julianne

p.s. Of course I haven't decided on a college yet(still gotta finish those damn essays and apps), but I'm really considering majoring or minoring in art history! I started thinking about this last week and I think I would love it, and it would be a perfect


  1. loving your blog here! (: this video is so cute!


    come by sometime?

  2. nice video!
    thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
    x lisa

  3. I'm super jealous of those bloggers! How great would it be to do a promo for Coach?!

    Love the blog! :o)


  4. I like your blog and your inspiration!
    Fantastic video too.
    You can visit my blog here