Sunday, December 26, 2010

bourbon coke and dog walking

hp xmas

I hope you all had a merry christmas and happy holidays! I had a great time with the fam and received some fantastic fashion related gifts(mostly books) that I'm super excited about that I'll post soon. So if you can tell I'm kind of going through a london/copenhagen street phase. Mixed with a little goth, hipster and rachel zoe. I'm kind of at a 60s/70s meets creepers moment. I want the extravagant glam of the 70s, cat eye of the 60s and the simplicity of well designed black(CDG anyone?) pieces. Bizarre but I'm loving it all! These pictures are up on my inspiration board right now:

london ss 3
I want boots like this so much. I love the studs and the versatility of the piece. And I want a capelet!
london ss 6
I adore that shade of blue.; its one of my favorite colors.
london ss 7
shiny pants
london ss 8
I have yet to find the perfect (p)leather jacket. Its killing me.
london ss 9
love love love
london ss 11
Lace up boots + tights + swing jackets + scarves

london ss 13
I love the simplicity of the dress(and the length) mixed with that gorgeous statment pendant
london ss 15
platform sandals + socks
london ss 16
I want a coat like this soo bad. If only I could afford pendleton X opening ceremony
london ss 17
This makes me happy.
london ss 19
love the dress shirt
london ss 20
stripper shoessss
london ss 21
this woman is so effortlessly chic
xoxo julianne

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