Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boys, I don't want to speak ill of your mother on Christmas, but she's nothing but a common street whore.

I feel like every time any break rolls around, I need it more than the last one. This semester was so stressful but now I feel so free and ready to finish high school. And for once I'm really looking forward to spending time with all the extended fam.
Here's some things I just really like at the moment.

Normally I hate dances, but I would be so psyched for prom if could find something like either one of these dresses, especially the gold one. I'm planning on scouring vintage/charity shops for the next few months for something flowery or sequiny maybe, who knows.

frida and nellie
DIY much? I think my years of girl scout camping have seasoned me in the art of friendship-bracelet making, so must do this ASAP. I have a bunch of diys I want to attempt over break.

I WANT A NOSE RING SOOOO BAD. Too bad my school has a policy on facial piercings.....

I just think this is funny.

akio 1
I adore akio takamori.

I want Michelle William's hair. and general adorableness....

tasya van ree
I think that it is entirely IMPOSSIBLE to ever get enough of Kate Moennig. She will forever remain one of my favorite TLW characters.
I scored seasons 1&2 of the rachel zoe project on sale at target for 12.99 ea plus some new lipstain today, so I'm a pretty happy camper. And I bought a clothes rack last week to fix my closet-overflow problem so now I'm on my way to having a semi-organized closet hoorah!
xoxo julianne

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