Saturday, January 2, 2010

And if you're lucky, if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back .

one tree hill hilarious 3

one tree hill hilarious

one tree hill hilarious 2

[freewebs, angelikagrundler]

I stumbled upon these and I about died laughing. Styles change sooo much in just a few years. One Tree seriously got me through middle school. I wasn't allowed to watch it so I would go to my friends house every friday to catch up on the seasons(obviously i was suuch a cool kid). And I was in love with Chad Michael Murray....but really, who wasn't?

xoxo fashionoctopus


  1. Wow, gorgeous pictures :-)
    So cute....
    Panda x
    (oh and thanks so much for the comment, and happy 2010!)
    *follows you*

  2. I love looking back at old popular fashions, soo funnyy.

  3. thank you for the comments! happy new year!

  4. Oh my goodness, was this really the fashion back in 2004? Gosh, I remember one tree hill, those were the days:P

    I too had a huge crush on chad michael murray!