Friday, January 8, 2010

hmm i wanna linger hmm a little longer hmm a little longer here with you

Hmmm so I never posted the christmas gifts, so here they are!
octo 021
Postsecret book, teen vogue handbook
Both of these books are amazing! Postsecret is really inspirational and the TeenVogue Handbook has really helped me get a grasp on what kinds of jobs I might like.

octo 023
Pretty in Pink, Julie & Julia, Food Inc.
octo 022
WhoWhatWearbook, The Sartorialist
I haven't really looked at whowhatwear yet, but know the website i'm sure that it'll be amazing and won't disappoint. The sartorialist is just as inspiring as the blog, but i LOVE being able to look at it anytime. love it!

octo 026
the Gossip, Florence and the Machine, Pink, Imogen Heap, Uh Huh Her, A Fine Frenzy
I have been wanting these cds for a while now and I can say that i love them! They are really all superb.
I also got some giftcards and other random items(including a super soft and super warm knock off snuggie that looks likea kimono!).
This is totally un-blog and fashion related..... I got my summer job! I work at a lovely girl scout camp(sounds dorky, probably is, but its literally my favorite place in the world). I'll be there for 9 weeks this summer(that will make for quite a few blogging troubles) working as an office assistant. It sounds really boring but its actually a pretty crazy job. I'm hoping that it'll be much less stressful than being a counselor was(not as much interaction with crazy whining screaming children- yes!).
xoxo fashionoctopus


  1. I'm jealous!

    I've got Teen Vogue Handbook, it's really cool.

  2. I got the Sartorialist book and the Teen Vogue Handbook for Christmas as well, but Who What Wear and I Heart Your Style are next on my "to purchase" list. Also, great music choices! Your job sounds pretty exciting to me, actually. I love being productive.