Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(219): Just found out I slapped a vegan in the face with meat last night

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hello! I hope you all have had a great couple weeks. I decided to take spring break off from the blog to just relax and it was just what I needed. The weather was pretty nice, too cold to swim though. I managed to get a little tan, with minimal burning...so i'd say it was successful! And can I just say how amazing the outlets in florida are? I only walked away with a few things from gap, but I was dying in BCBG, Saks and the other billion stores that were there.
I was off monday, I have a late start tomorrow, and no classes on friday for jr ring! I'll make sure to post tomorrow .
xoxo julianne
p.s. My new favorite blogger is dominika of Fashion My Darling. She has the best pieces(and amazing style) and shes only 15!

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coat & skirt- f21, tank- rave, sandals- target, necklace- flea market
Random outfit from my trip...if you can't tell i wear this jacket way too much.

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